I make 3d projects of rotating machinery and calculations of machine dynamics and durability. I am interested in the health monitoring of machinery, I use numerical methods (Finite Element Method) and perform experimental research. I have been dealing with rotor dynamics and the selection of bearings for high-speed turbines. My research interests include hydrodynamic, gas, rolling, and foil bearings. I am a SIMP Expert and an author or co-author of several expert opinions and more than 70 internal reports. I am also the author of more than 60 scientific publications (including a book in Wiley Press) and a patent for an invention. I teach machine design (lectures) and engineering graphics (lectures and laboratories) at the WSB Academy. I participated in 9 research projects, two of them as a project manager. I am currently the manager of a research project entitled "Active foil bearing with variable dynamic properties", which is financed by the NCBR.

 I am a mechanical engineer who designs various devices, usually laboratory test rigs connected with mechanical engineering. I performed an experimental measurement connected with the measurement of vibrations and temperature. I am also an IT engineer who writes my calculation codes, such as signal processing (often in Matlab software). In my doctoral dissertation, I investigated the properties of hydrodynamic bearings, i.e. stiffness and damping coefficients. In my professional work, I performed experimental modal analyses (for instance, using Abaqus and LMS Test.Lab), shaft aligning and balancing. I did records by a high-speed camera and analyse recorded vibration.