Model agroenergy complexes as an example of distributed cogeneration based on local renewable energy sources (originally in Polish: Modelowe kompleksy agroenergetyczne jako przykład kogeneracji rozproszonej opartej na lokalnych i odnawialnych...)

The main objective was to develop new technologies for obtaining and processing bioenergy carriers and new technologies for converting this energy into useful thermal and electrical energy. These technologies were to create the basis for the construction of energy nests based on local resources of renewable energy sources, especially biomass, and to contribute to the construction of agro-energy complexes, which are an effective form of implementation of the so-called small-scale distributed cogeneration. Among the technologies developed, the first place should be given to the proposed solutions for a home cogeneration microgrid, a fermentation biogas plant for aquatic plants, a multi-purpose, remotely controlled bioreactor set with cloud databases, or a prototype of a BIOB reactor coupled to SOFC fuel cells. This is a distinctive feature of the project innovation and a great opportunity for further work, of an applied nature. These proposals and results are absolutely original and have no equivalents in the country and abroad.

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