Using intelligent materials and structures to develop and implement the concept of the innovative bearing system in power microturbine rotors (originally in Polish: Wykorzystanie materiałów i konstrukcji inteligentnych do opracowania koncepcji...)

Project value: PLN 7,388,282

The aim of the project is to increase the level of innovation of the Polish economy through the development of an innovative bearing system based on foil bearings, with use in energy microturbines and high-speed machines. The specific objectives of the project include support for the Polish industry through the development and availability of new technologies and materials, which will directly contribute to reducing failures, increasing the lifetime and efficiency of equipment in which they will be applied, and support for Polish scientific and research units through access to financial resources to increase the number of researchers, both experienced and acquiring new skills in areas of knowledge presented by the technologies developed under the project. The realization of the project should make it possible to solve the problem of the bearings of high-speed power machines and to increase the safety of machines while recovering part of the energy lost during the operation of heat emitting devices. As a consequence of the project, it will be possible to increase the efficiency and quality of microturbine operation, as well as to propose completely new construction solutions and to develop new material technologies that can be used in the construction of electricity generating equipment.

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