I conduct classes with the full-time students of engineering studies in the subjects of engineering graphics (lectures and exercises in English) and machine design (lectures in English) at the WSB Academy.

Conducted lectures and laboratories on the subject of vibration in machine diagnostics (in English) for PhD students of the 1st Summer School: Intelligent materials, diagnostics and structural organized by Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences in the frame of the project CenMAT (link).


Lectures from the subject machine design:

Machine design — Lecture 1 — Introduction, basic information about machine construction

Machine design — Lecture 2 — Parameters of materials and materials selection in mechanical design

Machine design — Lecture 3 — Shafts, couplings and shaft components

Machine design — Lecture 4 — Types of bearings, rolling bearings, mounting of bearings

Machine design — Lecture 5 — Journal bearings, thrust bearings, lubrication of bearings, clutches

Machine design — Lecture 6 — Brakes, belts, chains, spur gears, calculations of shafts

Machine design — Lecture 7 — Rigid connections, deformations and stress, beams

Machine design — Lecture 8 — FEM, surface failure, mechanical springs, seals, fatigue


Lectures and laboratories from the subject engineering graphics:

Lecture 1 — Introduction, basic information about engineering graphics

Laboratory 1 — Pictorial drawings

Lecture 2 — Lines, dimensions 

Lecture 3 — Letters, dimensioning symbols, dimensions

Laboratory 2 — Projections

Lecture 4 — Tolerances, geometric characteristic symbols, threads

Lecture 5 — Roughness, welds, elements of machines

Laboratory 3 — Dimensions and threads 

Laboratory 4 — Technical letters


Laboratory 5 - 6 — AutoCAD

Lecture 6 —  AutoCAD I

Lecture 7 — AutoCAD II

Lecture 8 — AutoCAD III

Lecture 9 — AutoCAD IV, image quality, Inkscape, vector vs raster


Lectures from the subject vibration in machine diagnostics:

 Lectures — Vibration in machine diagnostics